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Studio Hart Gallery

Exhibition Record, 2006-2017






October 31 Robert Hirsch “Shining Brow”


DecemberKara Daving, Cynnie Gaasch, Ani Hoover






January - Feb 1   Ted Wetherbee 


February Carl Ciarenza “Solitudes and The Peace Warriors”


April Keith Johnson, “Ground/Cover”


May “Winter Silence” Linda Gale Gellman


October Tom Neff “Holding Out and Hanging On”


November Nate Larson, Charlatans & Tricksters


“Various Big Fires” Jean-Michel Reed







January Works by Tom Annear, Pragna Wood, Priscilla Bowen, Robert John Holland and Georgia Trimper (Curated by Cynnie Gassch)


February 12 - March 22 Quiet Life: Madagascar Paintings by Joseph Radoccia


March New Photographic Works by Dennis DeHart


May 9, Barbara Baird “May Flowers”


Gerald Mead: “New Assemblages”, Studio Hart, Buffalo, NY


Oct. 17 Cynnie Gaasch “Meditations on Summer”


November “Eyes on the World” Linda Gale Gellman, Nancy J. Parisi, Robert Schulman






Feb 9 …inside out…. Paintings by Pragna Hathi Wood


March - Dianne Baker and Georgia Trimper


April10 - May 2Nathan W. Naetzker


May: Lawrence Brose: New Prints From De Profundis


July 10 - Aug 5Only the Stones Remain: Photographs by Ed Healy


September 4 Test Color: Paintings by Ani Hoover


October 23 -November 25 Refugee: Photographs by Brendan Bannon


December - Studio Hart- 3rd Anniversary Reunion Show including Georgia Trimper, Barbara Baird, J-M Reed, Cynnie Gaasch, Molly Jarboe, Priscilla Bowen, Robert Schulman, Nate Larson, Dennis DeHart, Carl Chiarenza, Nancy Parisi, Linda Gale and more. 65 Allen Street; 6-9 pm







January, Found Art, Dianne Baker


February 5, Love for Sale: Lauren Braun, Lisa Forrest & Andrew Rippeon, Molly Jarboe, Rob Lynch, Amy Meza Luraschi, Nancy J. Parisi, Christine Walsh, Adam Weekley


March 5 - April 1, Extended Outlook: New Work by Adele Henderson


April 2 - May 5 “Espaces” Andre Fradette


May 7 - June 3COTE D'AZUR - MEMORIES OF SOUTHERN FRANCE — Monotypes by Ann Bonte


June “Street Art” Photographs by George Arthur


July“Housing Bubble” New Photographs by JM Reed


Sept 3 -30 River of Sound: Photographs & Drawings by Nancy J. Parisi


October “Thresholds of Visibility: A Survey of Miniature Art” curated by Gerald Mead; Jason D’Aquino, Felice Koenig, Connie Minecci, Amanda Besl


November 5 Hans Gindlesberger, New Work from the series ‘I’m in the Wrong Film’




February Love For Sale


March “Recounting Ephemera” Monica Angle


August 8Amy Greenan, New Work


120 Years: Buffalo Society of Artists Small Works Invitational Studio Hart


June: Rita Arge Auerbach


July, A Garden Party: Floral Paintings by Martha Burns Marlette and Ruth McCarthy


Sept. 3 “How Bright the Tangled Night” Molly Jarboe and Maria Pabico LaRotonda


Oct 7 - Nov 2 “Architectural Buffalo: Photographs by Biff Heinrich, David Steele and Andy Olenick


Fotini Galanes





Jan. 6 Photographs by Patricia Layman Bazelon


Feb.Love for Sale III, curated by Molly Jarboe, Lauren Braun, Amy Greenan, Ani Hoover, Doug Lambert, Amy Meza Luraschi, Julian Montague, Jan Nagle, Maria Pabico LaRotonda and Craig LaRotonda, Nancy J. Parisi, Kate Parzych, Allen Shelton and Molly Jarboe (Collaboration), Ginny Rose Stewart, Elizabeth Switzer, Christine Walsh and Adam Weekley (Collaboration)


Mar 2 - April 4, Recent Work by Fotini Galanes


April 6New Paintings by Scott Dedecker


May4 - 29“Youthful Indiscretions: New Works on Paper by Amanda Besl and Adam Weekley


June “Circles! An Invitational Exhibition


Aug. "Presto! Recent Work by Tom Holt"


Sept.7 “Uncommon Threads” curated by Gerald Mead, featuring Jozef Bajus, Hillary Fayle, Darien Johnson, Brian Kavanaugh, Marissa Lehner, Amanda Maciuba, Scott McCarney, Sara Baker Michalak, Dorothy Rapp, Elizabeth Switzer and Sara M. Zak


Oct.5 - 27“Figment: Paintings by A.J. Fries and Barbara Baird”


Nov 3David Mitchell: A Selection of Prints from the Project AND/THEN


Dec 7 Tis the Season: Artists Interpret the Holidays: Josef Bajus, Christopher Galley, Ani Hoover, A.J. Fries, Amy Greenan, Kate Parzych, Robert Hirsch, Ann Muntges, Maria Pabico LaRotonda, Flo Kane




Feb 1- March 28, Love for Sale


May 3 Migration Measured: Works on Paper by Jody Hanson


Nov. 1 “Partially Present” JM Reed , David Mitchell, Monica Angle……


June 14 “god heads” Bruce Adams


Aug 2 “Facing Facts” Mark Palmer


Sep 13 New Talent” 4 under 30: Max Collins, Evan Hawkins, Alicia Paolucci, Catherine Willett


Oct 4Old Talent: One Over Sixty: Photographs by Mark McLoughlin


Nov 1 Partially Present: A Group Invitational


December 5 “Unicorns and Rainbows” AJ Fries, Ani Hoover, Lizz Switzer, Adam Weekley, Amanda Besl, Tom Holt, 




February “Love for Sale: Secrets & Lies” curated by Molly Jarboe, includes Anne Muntges, Ani Hoover, Debra Eck, Esther Neisen, Elizabeth Lambert Mararian, Kurt Treeby, Ginny Rose Stewart, Lizz Switzer, Molly Jarboe


March 7, Patrick Willett “Currents”


April 4 Ginny Rose Stewart “Femme”


May 2, Esther Niesen: Let’s Talk


June 6 "Rita's Choice: Inspiring Friends” Dana Fox Jenkins, Carol Kellogg, Norinne Spurling, Melanie Voboril,  Jan Agati Abbarno


Sept. Micro-Architecture: New Collages by Gerald Mead 


Oct. 3 Ann Bonte


Nov/Dec. 7 Toy Store, Rich Tomasello, Michael Mararian, Robert Hirsch, Kurt Treeby, Esther Neisen, Bruce Adams, Gerald Mead, Ani Hoover





jan 9-31 “Buffalo: A Work In Progress” Carol Case Siracuse, Chris Hawley, Sara Zak


Feb. “I Hart Buffalo” curated by Molly Jarboe, artists Buffalo Horticulture, Viktoria Ciostek, Lukia Costello, Lindsay Dedario, Chris Hawley, Molly Jarboe, Matt Kenny, Julian Montague, David Torke


April 3 “Great Valley Sketchbook” by Tom Rooney

May 1: “Waters’ Edge” Monica Angle, Barbara Baird, Brendon Bannon, A.J. Fries, Mark Palmer, 

Kate Parzych, Paula Sciuk


June 5 Garden Walk “Artists and Gardens”


Aug. 7 “Apparitions Through Time” Hayley Carrow and Catherine Willett


Sept.4 UNCLAD: Male Figurative Works, Curated by Gerald Mead: Bruce Adams, Nick Butler, Max Collins, Kevin Kline, Craig LaRotonda , Cristiano F. Lopes, Michael Mararian, Thom Neill, Paul Rybarczyk, Donald J. Siuta, C.J. Szatkowski, Chuck Tingley, Adam Weekley, Mark Zahm


Oct.2-31 Portraits: Works on Paper by Joe Radoccia


Nov. 6 Toy Store: Bruce Adams, Bob Collignon , Linda Collignon, Cynnie Gaasch, Barbara Hart, Ani Hoover, Billy Huggins, Candace Keegan, Bethany Krull, Amy Luraschi, Ruth McCarthy, Gerald Mead, Esther Neisen, Deborah Petronio, Joe Radoccia, Elizabeth Switzer, and Richard Thomasello.





Jan. 8 “The Rest is Silence” Amy Greenan and Elizabeth Switzer


Feb.5Everything is Beautiful, and Nothing Hurts, Craig LaRotonda and Maria Pabico LaRotonda


March 4 “Far From the Tree” curated by Bruce Adams, featuring Kristin Brandt, Keith Harrington, Christina Laing, Todd Lesmeister, Matthew Myers, and Nicole Wurstner


April1 : Soft Bodies by Esther Neison


May6, “Flower Burst!”  Rita Argen Auerbach, Ani Hoover, Polly Little, Kate Parzych, Dale Schwalenberg, and Carol Case Siracuse. 


June 3 “We Were Here Once Before” Evan Hawkins


Aug.5 “Burn the Bridges” new work by Max Collins


Sept. 2 “FACETS” Patrick Willett and Catherine Willett


October 7: Daily Diversions: Notebook Sketches by Chuck Tingley


Nov 4, “Art Toys” Bruce Adams, Mary Begley, Bob Collignon, Linda Collignon, Eric Evinczik, AJ Fries, Barbara Hart, Ani Hoover, Billy Huggins, Candace Keegan Masters, Amy Meza Luraschi, Esther Neisen, Kate Stapleton Parzych, Deborah Petronio, Chuck Tingely, Adam Weekley

Dec. 2, Luminous Reflections: Photographs by Catherine Tilou





January Sail Away, Peter Fowler, Barbara Hart, Daniel Hart, 

and Dale Schwalenberg


February We Were Here


March Mining the ArchivesNew Assemblages by Gerald Mead


April coda   Dave Buck, Elizabeth Leader, Bob Collignon