Barbara Hart

I am a multi-media artist with a focus on figurative works.  I work in wood, painting, drawing, and fiber, among other things.  My primary focus is creating wooden sculptural figures.

My interest is definitely psychological. My work is an examination of the various particularities of people and myself, including motivation, history, fable, transgression, the mystery of what we are doing here.  I am deeply drawn to the search for understanding the unknowable individual.  The sculpture by Japanese artist Katsura Funakoshi is a guiding influence, and inspires me as I broaden the scale of my work.

I work intuitively, open to major changes if a piece of wood reveals a different character than I planned.  I have an idea of a group of individual characters I’m working to create, but I depend on the process to guide me.  I value subconscious direction.  

On the other hand, I am not a slave to my medium, and am working to create a fairly specific personal tableau.  Much of my interest lies in experiences of growing up in Louisiana in the 70’s.  The shock of witnessing racist acts in a duplicitous culture, where cruelty, fear and hatred shared social space with church and Southern hospitality….I am depending on my sculpture to make some sense of those memories.